Winter/Spring Recreation in Southern Utah

This is the time of year when outdoor enthusiasts along the Wasatch Front may develop a split personality. On the one hand, we want to continue to enjoy the snow in the mountains as long as we can. At the same time, we’re asking ourselves, “Isn’t winter over already?” and wanting to soak up some sun. Either way, we want to do it for a good price.

The opportunity to chase down the last gasps of winter while also embracing the coming spring can be experienced in the same getaway weekend in Southern Utah. In less than four hours, you can be at Brian Head Resort for a Friday night, followed by a day of skiing, snowboarding, tubing or snowmobiling on Saturday. Then on Sunday, it’s less than an hour drive down to St. George—or, for the more adventurous, less than three hours to Las Vegas—to partake in sun worship in all of its enjoyable varieties before driving home Sunday night. Continue reading here.

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