Destination of the Week: The Friendly City of Montreal

Travel Brigade broadcasts from Montreal on Sunday, June 24, which is St. Jean-Baptiste Day, also known as “Quebec’s National Holiday.” We’ll interview local experts on fun things to do and see in this city such as the botanical gardens, the underground city, Olympic Park, Le Ronde amusement park and jet boating on the Lachine Rapids. We’ll also talk about the historic Fairmont hotels in the area, and how they tie in to the history of Canada. Since no visit to Montreal would be complete without talking hockey, we’ll pay have an interview focused on the Montreal Canadiens Hockey Hall of Fame. We’ll also discuss why it is that the residents of Montreal, who are always bilingual and often trilingual, are so friendly. As always, we’ll also have our “Hot Topics in Travel” and “He Said, She Said” segments. [Listen here]

You can find Web sites and contact information for our guests and places we talked about during the show [here].

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