Don’t Fear the Layover: Airports with Unusual Amenities

Whether you’re on a layover or just arrived early and managed to breeze through security, having a few hours ahead of you in the airport can feel daunting. However, more and more airports are offering distractions for travelers. Huffington Post has a roundup of airports with unusual ways to pass the time, like Vancouver International’s spa, O’Hare’s gym and fitness room, Dubai’s nearly 200,000 feet of duty-free shopping, or Schipol’s extension of the Rijks Museum.


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  2. Depending on how well-connected an airport is to a city (in the case of urban airports), I’m much more inclined to hop on a train/bus to sample local fare than to stay and have within earshot the newly “entitled” passengers. For example, Narita city is just about ten minutes away from either terminal by train, and although NRT has a variety of restaurants, I’d much rather amble around the satellite city. FUK is good for this too, as are SHA and TSA.

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