Travel to Ireland to Find Your Celtic Roots

Parish2Join Travel Brigade to visit Ireland to find your Celtic ancestors. Many Americans and Canadians have Irish roots and we’ll talk about how you can trace your family history and travel to Ireland to “go back home.” We’ll have interviews with American genealogist David Rencher of to learn how to prepare before you go , and noted Irish genealogist Helen Kelly, whose many titles include “Genealogy Butler,” to learn what to do when you get to Ireland to make your trip successful. We’ll also talk about what we learned from our own experiences traveling into history in the “Townlands” of the beautiful Emerald Isle. 2013 is the year of “The Gathering” in Ireland, so pack your bags and get ready to find your history!  Follow us on Twitter @Travel Brigade. Enjoy the trip! [Listen here]

For contact information for our guests and things we talk about on the show [click here].

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