West Edmonton Mall: Travel to the Largest Mall in N. America

WEM Santa MariaJoin Travel Brigade as we visit the West Edmonton Mall in Canada, the largest mall in North America. We’ll hop on the roller coasters at Galaxyland, plunge on the 360-degree-looping Cyclone waterslide at World Waterpark, skate on the ice rink, watch the Sea Lion show and touch sting-rays in the Sea Cavern exhibit. We’ll fall asleep at Fantasyland Hotel, located right in the mall, in a themed suite where your bed is an igloo, jail or the back of a pick-up truck. This is the place where you can do just about anything, and all under one roof. Enjoy the trip! Follow us on Twitter @TravelBrigade. [Listen here]


  1. Hey! I found you via twitter.

    I just learned something – the Mall of America here in Minneapolis (I live about 15 minutes from it) is not the largest mall in North America. I guess I just assumed it was all this time. I guess it’ll just have to remain as the largest mall in the United States.

    The funny thing is that a Radission Blu hotel was added (attached) to the Mall last year, and now they are planning to expand the mall even more. So, we’ll have to see just how ginormous they make this thing.

    Great article. I have been wanting to get up to Canada for the longest time (especially since I have lived in Minnesota for the last 15 years). Now I have yet another tourist attraction to visit once I make the trek north.

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