X96 – May 4 – Ancestry Tourism

Ancestry Tourism

Have you ever looked into your roots? Ancestry tourism involves connecting more deeply with a destination through family stories and ancestors. Join us on Friday morning, May 4, when we stop by X96 Radio From Hell to let you know how you can create your own trip through the ages.

Kathleen did this on a trip to Ireland after she traced her father’s Irish Catholic side and we had an incredible journey with connections and memories to last a lifetime.

Here are some tips to keep in mind.

  1. The work starts before you go, begin with public genealogy records. 
  2. Tap broader online genealogy resources. 
  3. What do you want to accomplish?
  4. Work with a tour operator to further your ancestral journey.
  5. Go and enjoy the lands of your ancestors

Here are links to some of the places and people we will be talking about with the RFH team.

Tourism Ireland – www.discoverireland.com

Helen Kelly, Professional Irish Genealogist – www.HelenKelly.com


Family History Library


35 N. West Temple, Salt Lake City, Utah, 84105, 866-406-1830

The most common destinations for ancestry tourists include Scotland, Italy, Ireland, Germany and Eastern Europe.  https://www.goaheadtours.com/tour-categories/ancestry-tours

Jewish Travel Agency



South African Airways Vacations


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