Unusual Halloween Celebrations

While most Americans will be dressing up, hitting a party, or taking the kids trick-or-treating tomorrow night, there are other options for those seeking a less orthodox Halloween celebration. In New Jersey, the Last Fling Pumpkin Sling allows contestants to enter with a trebuchet or catapult to see how far they can send a pumpkin […]

Get Out of Town! London Travel Deals

After 11 days of watching the Olympic Games, doesn’t it make you want to pack your bags for a trip across “the pond” to London to pay a visit to the royal family? Check out these deals to get you there. Take note people – these are in dollars, not pounds! [Read more]

Visit London: Top 3 Activities Under the Radar

After watching the Olympics in London, you’ll probably be thinking two things: 1 – We should take a trip to London; 2 – I wish they’d quit playing the Clash’s “London Calling” as a way to sell stuff. We can’t help you with the second one, but on the first one, yes, you should go […]