Hidden History: Sweetwater County, Wyoming

The natural beauty surrounding Sweetwater County, Wyo., is stunning. The Green River running through Flaming Gorge, The rising and dropping of the seemingly endless Killpecker Sand Dunes. Pilot Butte wild horses running free through a wilderness setting. The rock formations at the White Mountain petroglyphs.  Read more [here] and [here]

A Fairy Tale Vacation

Ever since the Brothers Grimm first published their fairy tales more than 200 years ago, the stories they gathered went from being told around the family fireplace to gaining worldwide recognition. Thanks to storybooks and Disney movies, characters like Little Red Riding Hood, Snow White and Cinderella are known and loved by children of all […]

A Beach Getaway: Enjoy Art, Waves and Adventure in Laguna Beach

Orange County’s beach towns all have their own unique vibe. Laguna Beach has gorgeous cliff views that rise up off the water. Over the years, those beautiful views have been an inspiration to artists who have come to the area. The result is that Laguna is a place where the waves lap up onto a […]

Get in shape or be pampered on your next getaway

Travel in the 21st century keeps changing, and vacationers have more and more options to make their getaways exactly what they want. And now, two new travel trends — fitness-focused vacations and glamping — are taking place in the mountains just outside of Parowan with the opening of Summit Mountain Lodge Resorts in June. [Read […]

Viva Las Vegas: New and New-to-You Activities

With summer approaching, Las Vegas is calling. The city that never sleeps is always coming up with something new or bringing attention to something that’s been under your radar and is new to you. Here are some “musts” to add to your list when you visit Las Vegas in 2013. Read more [here] and [here].

Cody, Wyoming: An Educational, Entertaining Getaway

Yellowstone National Park draws millions of visitors from all over the world every summer. On their way to the park’s East Gate, many people travel through Cody, Wyo. They may grab a meal and stay over, but what they may not realize is that there is so much more to do in and around Cody, […]

Winter Glory: Moab-area parks offer great adventures, fewer visitors this time of year

During the summer, people flock from all over the world to Moab to take in the incredible beauty of the area. International tourists get off busses in Canyonlands National Park to get an up close look at Mesa Arch. Parking lots get filled to overflowing at Arches National Park as people brave the summer heat […]

Arts help give Chicago its identity

Every great city develops its own identity in the areas of food, sports, architecture, arts and entertainment. Chicago is no exception. From deep dish pizza to Willis Tower to “Da Bears,” Chicago puts its unique brand on things. When it comes to arts and entertainment, the Windy City is known for producing great improv/sketch comedians […]

Family vacation under one roof

What makes for a great family vacation? How about whooshing down slides at a giant water park, riding roller coasters at a theme park, attending a sea lion show at an aquarium, riding bumper boats, playing glow- in-the-dark miniature golf, ice skating, tasty restau- rants, a variety of shopping options and a fun hotel where […]

Discovering our Irish roots in Quebec City

Quebec City is an elegant place that feels like a European city right here in North America. You can see the huge Chateau Frontenac emerging over the cliffs, overhear the locals speaking French, walk the cobblestone streets that trace back hundreds of years and feel the hold of a unique and thriving French-Canadian culture. For […]