Self-tagging for checked bags on the rise

Checking in online and printing off your own boarding pass is, at this point, fairly common, and many travelers feel it saves time and hassle at the airport. The practice of tagging your own bags before checking them has been a recent development in the same direction. What do you think? Is this a way […]

Icelandair Flight Deal– Act Fast!

Icelandair currently has a flight and hotel deal that you shouldn’t miss. For as low as $539 a person, they are offering roundtrip flights to Reykjavik from select North American cities with three nights’ stay at the Hotel Cabin in Reykjavik and a Scandinavian buffet breakfast each morning. The offer expires soon, so be sure […]

Don’t Fear the Layover: Airports with Unusual Amenities

Whether you’re on a layover or just arrived early and managed to breeze through security, having a few hours ahead of you in the airport can feel daunting. However, more and more airports are offering distractions for travelers. Huffington Post has a roundup of airports with unusual ways to pass the time, like Vancouver International’s […]

Flying in Style

Do you get all dolled up to go through security, or prefer to travel in your PJs? CNN advises wearing dark colors so nobody will notice if you spill your coffee while up in the air, having a layer like a cardigan to navigate changing climates, and avoiding pajamas and sweatsuits. What do you think? […]

Please Fasten Your Seatbelt Tightly As We Fly Over Mordor

If you’re a frequent flyer, it’s easy to sit back and tune out when the safety video plays. Air New Zealand is trying to get passengers to sit up and take notice with its new Hobbit and Lord of the Rings-themed safety video. Even if you know how to inflate your safety vest and to […]