Window or aisle?

Batman or Superman? Beatles or Rolling Stones? Window seat or aisle seat? CNN Travel thinks that that last one tells others something about your personality, and each seat has its pros and cons. Are you a window seat person or an aisle seat person?

Hotels where food is a priority

Wherever you go, you’ll need somewhere to stay, so it’s convenient when where you’re staying also has excellent food. has a few recommendations for hotels where what you’re eating is as exciting as where you’re staying, like NYC’s Mandarin Oriental, where lodgers can snack on dim sum bento boxes or sip wonton noodle soup. […]

Foodie Destinations for the Coming Year

Traveling with food in mind can make for an especially delicious vacation. Elyse Pasquale has 7 suggestions for places to visit for the cuisine in 2013, like Kiev for borscht and dumplings and Palermo for granita and arancini. Where’s your favorite food destination?

Tell CNN and Travel + Leisure about your favorite places to eat in your town

When you travel, there’s nothing like eating where the locals do. The best way to figure that out? Asking locals.  CNN and Travel + Leisure are looking for your stories about the best local eateries in your town to recommend them to their readership. Share your story with them and it might be featured in […]

America’s Best French Fries

If thinking about America’s best burgers got you thinking about a drive-in road trip, don’t forget America’s best fries. CNN’s list includes Portland, Maine’s Duckfat (where the fries are fried in, you guessed it, duck fat) and the Boise Fry Company. Where are your favorite fries? Ours are from Marv’s Drive-In in Enterprise, Utah.

Strange Burgers Across America

The burger is a dish that is open to endless reinvention, but some are more inventive than others. The BBC’s recent slideshow includes donut burgers from Minnesota and the Florida State Fair’s burger topped with fried ice cream, and puts us in the mood for a burger-based American road trip. What are some odd regional […]

Cooking Class Vacations

What better way to learn to cook a type of cuisine than to travel to its source? National Geographic has a roundup of places around the world that offer cooking classes for travelers. Learn to cook Thai food at the Conrad Hotel in Bangkok, Nordic baked goods in Copenhagen, or paella in Catalonia. Where would […]

Feeling chili?

As the temperatures drop, what better way to keep warm than with a bowl of chili? Chili cookoffs are in full swing all around the US and in Australia, Mexico and Canada, and can make for a great weekend getaway. Check the International Chili Society website for one near you.

Kimchi and currywurst and asparagus museums, oh my

As somebody who loves food as much as I love visiting museums, the mere thought of a food museum fills me with joy. Lonely Planet’s recent list of the oddest food museums is a great starting point for planning a trip on an empty stomach. I’d happily visit the Pulmuone Kimchi Museum in Seoul, and […]

Regional Sandwiches: What’s Your Favorite?

CNN Travel has an article displaying 20 of America’s most famous regional sandwiches. We’re partial to po’ boys and muffulettas, and who doesn’t like a Cuban or a French Dip? But there are plenty on the list we’ve yet to lay eyes on. What sandwich is your region famous for? Is there one you’re dying […]