PASADENA, CA– The North American Travel Journalists Association (NATJA) today announced that Kathleen Curry and Geoff Griffin of Travel Brigade won the SILVER award in the 2013 Annual NATJA Awards Competition in the TRAVEL BROADCAST – PODCAST & RADIO category. This awards competition, now in its 22nd year, honors the “best of the best” in […]

Traveling for Solar Eclipses

Traveling specifically to view solar and lunar eclipses is a market that has exploded in the past decade. A solar eclipse on November 14th that will be most visible in Queensland, Australia has travelers flocking to the country, with many area hotels completely booked. In the coming year, there will be two solar eclipses, one […]

Traveling In Search of Zombies

It’s the time of year where it seems everyone is getting together to watch a zombie movie or planning a zombie costume for Halloween. If you’re looking to combine travel with your love of the undead, you’re not alone. Check out this Lonely Planet article on zombie travel for info on attractions like the Zombie […]

Spooky Fun in Manitou Springs, Colorado

Emma Crawford was a woman who moved to Manitou Springs  in the late 19th century, died of tuberculosis, and was buried on top a nearby mountain, which she is believed to haunt. Since the mid ’90s, the town (a short drive from nearby Colorado Springs) honors her on the weekend before Halloween with ghost tours, […]

What’s Your Favorite Haunted Place?

Halloween is less than a week away, and ghost tours, haunted houses, and other scary delights are in full swing. Additionally, many people’s focus turns to local places they may consider to be haunted, like in today’s Salt Lake Tribune article about claims that City Hall is inhabited by ghosts. But Salt Lake’s far from […]

Regional Sandwiches: What’s Your Favorite?

CNN Travel has an article displaying 20 of America’s most famous regional sandwiches. We’re partial to po’ boys and muffulettas, and who doesn’t like a Cuban or a French Dip? But there are plenty on the list we’ve yet to lay eyes on. What sandwich is your region famous for? Is there one you’re dying […]

Travel Myths

Huffington Post Canada’s recent post on travel myths got us thinking about the travel myths they posted, and a few more we’ve heard along the way. Some of the ones in this article were ones we hadn’t even heard of (getting stuck to airplane toilet seats), and some we didn’t quite agree with (cruises can […]