Discovering our Irish roots in Quebec City

Quebec City is an elegant place that feels like a European city right here in North America. You can see the huge Chateau Frontenac emerging over the cliffs, overhear the locals speaking French, walk the cobblestone streets that trace back hundreds of years and feel the hold of a unique and thriving French-Canadian culture. For […]

Destination of the Week: Quebec City’s Old World Charm

Join the Travel Brigade Radio Show in beautiful and charming Quebec City as we walk down centuries-old cobblestone streets while listening to the locals speak French. Head up to the Old City to enjoy the views from the famed Chateau Frontenac Hotel looking down on the St. Lawrence River.  See Beluga, humpback and blue whales […]

Top 10 Activities in Quebec City

With over 400 years of history, Quebec City and its surrounding areas are loaded with things to see and do. We’ve tried to perform the impossible task of narrowing it down to a mere 10. To hear more about these and other activities, listen to our Travel Show on Quebec. Below, in no particular order, […]

Quebec City Hot Sheet

Tourism for Quebec Province 1-877-BONJOUR Tourism for Quebec City 877-783-1608 Hotel Royal William 888-541-0405 360, boulevard Charest Est Cyclo Services Bicycle Tours 877-692-4050 289, rue Saint-Paul Fairmont Le Chateau Frontenac 866-540-4460 1, rue des Carrieres Les Bossus Restaurant 418-522-5501 620, St.-Joseph Est Croisieres (Cruises) Lachance 1-888-GROSSE ILE 110, […]

Destination of the Week: Old World Charm in Quebec City

Join the Travel Brigade Radio Show on Sunday, June 17, for a trip that gets as close as you can to the European experience while still in North America – Quebec City, Canada. Visit the Old City that dates back to 1608 and look down from the Chateau Frontenac onto the St. Lawrence River. Check […]