Montreal Canadiens Hall of Fame an educational experience

There are certain times when the first thing you associate with a city is the name of a sports team. In the case of Montreal, chances are, the word “Montreal” will automatically trigger the response “Canadiens.” And why not? With 24 Stanley Cup titles and over 100 years of history, the Canadiens are one of those […]

Hiking, Biking, Jetting the Rapids and Star Wars: A Guy’s Guide to Montreal

Montreal is a place where everybody can find something they like. Family activities, fun for kids, girlfriend getaways, free concerts for music fans – this city has it all, including things guys will like. Here’s a list of activities for guys to try while in Montreal. Read more [here].

Destination of the Week: The Friendly City of Montreal

Travel Brigade broadcasts from Montreal on Sunday, June 24, which is St. Jean-Baptiste Day, also known as “Quebec’s National Holiday.” We’ll interview local experts on fun things to do and see in this city such as the botanical gardens, the underground city, Olympic Park, Le Ronde amusement park and jet boating on the Lachine Rapids. We’ll […]