Girlfriend’s Guide to Paris

Paris is a city that can appeal to all types of travelers. Artists come to find inspiration. Romantics come to find love. Foodies come to find gourmet dishes. Girlfriends come to find time together while enjoying shopping, dining, arts and fashion in the City of Light. Whether it’s BFFs, moms and daughters, or sisters traveling together, consider […]

Girl’s Guide to Paris Trends

Grab your mother, daughter or BFFs and hit the City of Lights in this special Travel Brigade episode focusing on a Girlfriend’s Getaway that takes in all of the hottest trends in Paris. We’ve got interviews with experts on what’s happening in the arts scene, cool neighborhoods to hang out in, restaurants to try and […]

Travel Tramps: Who wants a surprise vacation?

When you travel, do you like to have everything planned out, or do you want a few surprises along the way? Most of the time, travelers are looking for some combination of both. If you’re going to Paris, of course, you want to set aside time to go to the Eiffel Tower, but you probably also want […]