Travel Tramps: Drinking like adults in Quebec

One of the interesting things about travel is you get to see how people in other countries and cultures handle situations so much differently than the way things are done back home. In this case, just a couple of weeks ago we were in Quebec City, Canada, (an amazing place to visit by the way, […]

Top 10 Activities in Quebec City

With over 400 years of history, Quebec City and its surrounding areas are loaded with things to see and do. We’ve tried to perform the impossible task of narrowing it down to a mere 10. To hear more about these and other activities, listen to our Travel Show on Quebec. Below, in no particular order, […]

Destination of the Week: Old World Charm in Quebec City

Join the Travel Brigade Radio Show on Sunday, June 17, for a trip that gets as close as you can to the European experience while still in North America – Quebec City, Canada. Visit the Old City that dates back to 1608 and look down from the Chateau Frontenac onto the St. Lawrence River. Check […]