Cody, Wyoming – Buffalo Bill’s Gateway to Yellowstone

Hankering for a taste of the Wild West? Cody, Wyo., has you covered. Just outside Yellowstone National Park, with daily flights from both Salt Lake City and Denver, it’s an ideal escape for a long weekend or a family vacation, and there’s plenty to do in any season. [Read more]

Fairmont Chicago Millenium Park: Great Service and Fantastic Views

Chicago is a fantastic city to visit for a number of reasons, and while there, the Fairmont Chicago Millennium Park (, 200 N. Columbus Drive, 866-540-4408) is an excellent base for exploring the city thanks to its location, amenities and the familiar Fairmont level of service. [Read more]

All Inclusive Family Fun at West Edmonton Mall

When putting together a family vacation, parents will be looking for a fun hotel to stay in, a great pool area, lots of fun activities for the kids and good places to eat. What’s unique about a family trip to the West Edmonton Mall is that all of the above can be found in one […]

Can you get divorced in Ireland?

We’ve managed to stay happily married while working and traveling together for years. We’ve been up against article deadlines when the hotel’s internet crashed. We’ve recorded radio interviews in situations that were almost comical in terms of their acoustics. We’ve been stuck in immigration lines while needing to catch a flight leaving in a few […]

Edmonton: Canada’s Festival City

How many festivals do you need to host before you can claim to be your country’s “festival city?” Ten? 20? More? Whatever the official number is, Edmonton has hit it and then some as “Canada’s Festival City.” The official list numbers in the 30s, the actual list pushes 70. [Read more]