Travel Brigade on X96 Radio From Hell – Sports Travel

Check us out on X96 Radio From Hell morning show on Friday, Sept. 2, at 96.3 FM, streaming online at or check out the Radio From Hell Podcast at We’ll be talking about travel destinations when following your favorite sports teams, including Utah and BYU football and Real Salt Lake. Here are links […]

Montreal Canadiens Hall of Fame an educational experience

There are certain times when the first thing you associate with a city is the name of a sports team. In the case of Montreal, chances are, the word “Montreal” will automatically trigger the response “Canadiens.” And why not? With 24 Stanley Cup titles and over 100 years of history, the Canadiens are one of those […]

Travel Tramps: Sports Travel from Yankees and Sox to FC Barcelona

For some people, sports is the essence of life. For some people, sports is an OK diversion. For some people, sports is just stupid. Whatever your position when you’re home, when you travel, it’s not the time to be the “I’m not into sports” person. When you’re traveling, sports can be one of the best […]