Many Ways to Enjoy Bear Lake

From Utah’s southern border to its northern border, the beauty of the Beehive State is the diversity of its landscapes and the ways they can be enjoyed at different times of the year. When winter rages up north, Utahns flock down south to see the sun again. [Read more]

Landscapes, Fine Spas are Irresistible Combo

Southern Utah is noted for its proximity to national parks and outdoor wonders. It’s an area where a drive of just a few hours can put you in a completely different setting. The mountains of Park City, the bright lights of Las Vegas or the luxury found in Scottsdale, Ariz., are all reachable in less […]

Discover Treasures in Emerald Isle

A visit to Ireland offers majestic coastal settings when looking out to the ocean, and stunning green valleys when looking inland. Every corner of the Emerald Isle combines a beautiful landscape with friendly and welcoming people found at every stop. Our visit to County Waterford – calling it “Waterford County” is a dead giveaway that you’re […]

Provo Has a Hipster Side

When you think of a getaway to Provo, what usually comes to mind is a visit to the BYU campus, going to a sporting event, hitting outdoor recreation spots like Timpanogos Cave or hitting one of the many spots noted for ice cream and milk shakes. Read more [here] and [here].

No horsing around

There are many places around the globe where people love horses, but Lexington, Kentucky is the spot that claims the title of “Horse Capital of the World.” Read more [here] and [here]

Classically Swiss: Mountain Village Offers Sights, Sounds, Tastes

When you’re in the heart of Zion National Park in Southern Utah, it’s amazing to feel that in any direction you look up, you’re surrounded by towering cliffs hundreds of feet above you. Venture across the Atlantic Ocean and you get that same feeling when you’re in the mountain village of Engelberg, Switzerland, but in […]

Hidden History: Sweetwater County, Wyoming

The natural beauty surrounding Sweetwater County, Wyo., is stunning. The Green River running through Flaming Gorge, The rising and dropping of the seemingly endless Killpecker Sand Dunes. Pilot Butte wild horses running free through a wilderness setting. The rock formations at the White Mountain petroglyphs.  Read more [here] and [here]

A Fairy Tale Vacation

Ever since the Brothers Grimm first published their fairy tales more than 200 years ago, the stories they gathered went from being told around the family fireplace to gaining worldwide recognition. Thanks to storybooks and Disney movies, characters like Little Red Riding Hood, Snow White and Cinderella are known and loved by children of all […]

A Beach Getaway: Enjoy Art, Waves and Adventure in Laguna Beach

Orange County’s beach towns all have their own unique vibe. Laguna Beach has gorgeous cliff views that rise up off the water. Over the years, those beautiful views have been an inspiration to artists who have come to the area. The result is that Laguna is a place where the waves lap up onto a […]

Viva Las Vegas: New and New-to-You Activities

With summer approaching, Las Vegas is calling. The city that never sleeps is always coming up with something new or bringing attention to something that’s been under your radar and is new to you. Here are some “musts” to add to your list when you visit Las Vegas in 2013. Read more [here] and [here].