Explore the Trails of Literary Dublin

Travel Brigade opens its 5th season with a visit to Dublin focusing on the great writers the city has produced. This being Ireland, we’ll start with a “Literary Pub Crawl” that matches pints with prose. We’ll also talk about the historic Book of Kells and learn how to enjoy an evening of Irish folk tales. […]

Window or aisle?

Batman or Superman? Beatles or Rolling Stones? Window seat or aisle seat? CNN Travel thinks that that last one tells others something about your personality, and each seat has its pros and cons. Are you a window seat person or an aisle seat person?

Mind the Gap and Move Over

CNN wants to make sure you know how to ride the London Underground without looking like a tourist. Among the tips: don’t push the “open door” button on trains (they open automatically), be sure to keep moving down the carriage so more passengers can get in, and be polite and give up your seat for […]

Hotels where food is a priority

Wherever you go, you’ll need somewhere to stay, so it’s convenient when where you’re staying also has excellent food. Boston.com has a few recommendations for hotels where what you’re eating is as exciting as where you’re staying, like NYC’s Mandarin Oriental, where lodgers can snack on dim sum bento boxes or sip wonton noodle soup. […]

2013 Travel Trends

What will we see in travel in the coming year? The Huffington Post has a few ideas. Among them: extended family banding together to reduce travel costs, sports tourism, and travelers purposefully turning away from Twitter, Facebook and the like while on the road. What do you think will be the big trends in travel […]

Foodie Destinations for the Coming Year

Traveling with food in mind can make for an especially delicious vacation. Elyse Pasquale has 7 suggestions for places to visit for the cuisine in 2013, like Kiev for borscht and dumplings and Palermo for granita and arancini. Where’s your favorite food destination?

Bunking with Monks

Whether they’re buildings that have been converted from monasteries or places that still serve as one, several hotels are opening that have a base in monasteries and convents. CNN has a slideshow of some of their favorites, like Shunkoin Temple in Kyoto, Hotel Monastero Santa Rosa in Italy, or Cuzco, Peru’s Hotel Monasterio. Have you […]

Fairmont Winter Deals

The Fairmont is one of our favorite hotel groups, and we’ve visited them in Banff, Montreal, Edmonton, Victoria, Boston, Sonoma and Cairo. The Fairmont is currently offering up to 20% for bookings made before the 21st for stays up to the end of April. Check out the deal here.

Listen Travel Brigade’s new episode Visit Sonoma: Snoopy, Wildlife and Wine

Listen Travel Brigade’s new episode Visit Sonoma: Snoopy, Wildlife and Wine

America’s Historic Hotels

The Historic Hotels of America Program, which selects hotels based on maintenance of historical architecture and ambience, recently added 21 more hotels to its register. Huffington Post has a roundup, with pictures from the likes of Savannah, Georgia’s Mulberry Inn (est. 1860), Spokane, Washington’s Montvale Hotel (est. 1899) and the Lodge at Zion National Park […]