Santa Beer Crawls, Christmas Parades, and Other Extraordinary Christmas Celebrations Across the US

If you’re looking to get in the Christmas spirit, USA Today has some suggestions for where in the US you can go. Among the suggestions: Reno, Nevada’s Santa Bar Crawl (with over 6,000 attendees in Santa costumes), visiting the house from The Christmas Story in Cleveland, Lawrence, Kansas’s Christmas parade, or SeaWorld San Diego during […]

Self-tagging for checked bags on the rise

Checking in online and printing off your own boarding pass is, at this point, fairly common, and many travelers feel it saves time and hassle at the airport. The practice of tagging your own bags before checking them has been a recent development in the same direction. What do you think? Is this a way […]

US Travel Destinations for 2013

Lonely Planet’s list of its top US travel destinations for the coming year is out. Louisville, Philadelphia, Fairbanks, northern Maine and American Samoa are among the places that were chosen. What do you think of this year’s list? Do you have any trips planned to them in 2013?

Icelandair Flight Deal– Act Fast!

Icelandair currently has a flight and hotel deal that you shouldn’t miss. For as low as $539 a person, they are offering roundtrip flights to Reykjavik from select North American cities with three nights’ stay at the Hotel Cabin in Reykjavik and a Scandinavian buffet breakfast each morning. The offer expires soon, so be sure […]

To tour guide or not to tour guide?

Are there some places you just shouldn’t go to without a tour guide? A recent article suggests that there are, and includes Egypt, Russia, China, India and a few others among them. We’re not so sure we agree; we think most of the places the article covers can be handled sans tour guide as long […]

What Do You Get The Person Who’s Been Everywhere?

The holidays are just around the corner. What should you get for a globetrotting friend? Luckily, at this time of year the internet overflows with recommendations. Whether you’re looking for books, luggage, odds and ends or even something charitable, there’s something out there for them. What are you getting for the holidays for the traveler […]

Don’t Fear the Layover: Airports with Unusual Amenities

Whether you’re on a layover or just arrived early and managed to breeze through security, having a few hours ahead of you in the airport can feel daunting. However, more and more airports are offering distractions for travelers. Huffington Post has a roundup of airports with unusual ways to pass the time, like Vancouver International’s […]

America’s Best French Fries

If thinking about America’s best burgers got you thinking about a drive-in road trip, don’t forget America’s best fries. CNN’s list includes Portland, Maine’s Duckfat (where the fries are fried in, you guessed it, duck fat) and the Boise Fry Company. Where are your favorite fries? Ours are from Marv’s Drive-In in Enterprise, Utah.

When it comes to travel, is there such a thing as too cheap?

At what point does cost-cutting backfire when you’re traveling? Seth Kugel, in his piece “The Argument Against Pound-Foolish Travel“, argues that too many travelers focus on getting the best deal at the expense of actually having a good trip. Have you ever cut a corner that you wish you hadn’t? Where’s the line between a […]

Flying Into the Future

What will traveling look like in 2022? We still probably won’t have flying cars or personal jetpacks, but CNN offers some predictions for what travel will look like in a decade. Among their predictions are increased rail service in the US, more fuel-efficient planes, and cheaper (but with fewer amenities) flights. What changes do you […]