Don’t Get Too Excited

London’s annual Boring Conference (devoted to topics like toast, self-service checkout stations, and pylons) took place yesterday, with people flying in from around the world to become disinterested. In keeping with the theme, the Daily Telegraph offers suggestions for Britain’s most boring days out, including visiting the British Lawnmower Museum in Merseyside, the Watching Paint […]

Flying in Style

Do you get all dolled up to go through security, or prefer to travel in your PJs? CNN advises wearing dark colors so nobody will notice if you spill your coffee while up in the air, having a layer like a cardigan to navigate changing climates, and avoiding pajamas and sweatsuits. What do you think? […]

Sauce on the Side, Please

If your child (or you, for that matter) is a picky eater, going somewhere with a different cuisine can seem daunting. Huffington Post has a post on traveling with picky eaters that shares tips on what countries are easiest on picky eaters (including Italy, the UK, and Japan) along with tips for finding food for […]

Strange Burgers Across America

The burger is a dish that is open to endless reinvention, but some are more inventive than others. The BBC’s recent slideshow includes donut burgers from Minnesota and the Florida State Fair’s burger topped with fried ice cream, and puts us in the mood for a burger-based American road trip. What are some odd regional […]

Happy Thanksgiving, Travel Safe!

Happy Thanksgiving to those celebrating it! We hope your turkey is delicious, and that you get to have some alone time with a slice of your favorite pie. If you’re on the road today, remember to stay safe! The American Trucking Association offers some tips for those driving over the river and through the woods.

Does your favorite city have a bad reputation?

It’s easy for a city to get a bad reputation as being dangerous, and someone’s opinions can be set in stone without ever having actually been to a city. Ben Groundwater’s article in the Sydney Morning Herald talks about Glasgow’s (in his opinion) undeserved bad reputation. What are some cities you’ve been to that you […]

Amusement Parks Charge Up For the Coming Year

Theme parks all around the US are adding new rides and attractions for 2013. MSNBC has a roundup, including new coasters at several Six Flags parks and a new wing coaster (only the third in the nation) at Cedar Point. Are you planning any theme park trips in the coming year? Tell us about them […]

December Festivals Around the World

If you’re looking for somewhere to go in the next month, festivals of all types are happening all over the globe. Lonely Planet’s roundup of December festivals takes you from the National Finals Rodeo in Las Vegas to the Festival of the Sahara in Tunisia and plenty of places in between. Are you planning any […]

Unexpected Cultural Destinations

There are certain cities that one always thinks of for culture– London, Paris, Rome, New York. But some cities are beginning to assert their status as new cultural capitals. CNN’s recent article recommends Almaty, Kazakhstan for its art scene, Dresden, Germany for its beautiful restored architecture, among others. What cities do you think are up-and-coming […]

10 Things Flight Attendants Hate About You

A new survey (reported in the Sydney Morning Herald) of over 700 flight attendants asked them about their biggest passenger pet peeves. Number one on their list? Snapping at your fingers to get attention, which was cited as an annoyance by 26% of flight attendants. Other common offenders are overfilling the overhead bins, passengers who […]