Luther Trail Hot Sheet

Click on the links below:

German National Tourist Board – This site features eight different “routes” along the Luther Trail and highlights places and events. There’s even a fun video featuring a Playmobil “Little Luther” traveling around to different sites and narrating the life of the Reformer.

Other sites featuring multiple places and 2017 celebrations are, and, which translates as “Routes to Luther.” The sites all have English versions.

Wartburg Castle, just outside of Eisenach, will host “Luther and the Germans,” opened on May 4. Wittenberg will feature, “Luther! 95 Treasures – 95 People,” opened on May 13. “The Luther Effect,” an exhibition done by the German History Museum, opened on April 12 at Martin-Gropius Bau, an exhibition space in Berlin. All three exhibits will run through Nov. 5. For more information go to

Luther House

Wartburg Castle

Augustinian Monastery in Erfurt

Erfurt Tourism

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