X96-RFH – July 6 – Utah Valley Staycation

Join us on Friday morning, July 6, at 7 a.m., when we visit X96 Radio From Hell to talk about a staycation in Utah Valley. Below are links to a few of the places we’ll be talking about, or set up your own itinerary by going to Explore Utah Valley, which will also be providing a great giveaway that includes:

Gift Certificates:

1 Private room for eight people at Heart & Seoul Karaoke (https://provokaraoke.com/)

1 $30 gift card to Guru’s and Enliten Café (https://guruscafe.com/)

1 $20 gift card to Pioneer Book (http://pioneerbook.com/)

4 $5 gift cards to Rockwell Ice Cream (https://www.rockwellicecream.com/)

1 $25 gift card to Rimmels German Street Food (https://www.eatrimmels.com/)

Gift card to Oteo (http://www.oteolindon.com/)

Here are some of the topics we’ll look at.

1. International Restaurants – there are 16 nationalities of restaurants within a five-block radius in Downtown Provo.

2. Full of Fun Festivals – There are 14 different festivals taking place in Utah County taking place between next weekend and Labor Day.
3. Live Music – check out Velour Music Gallery and the free Provo Rooftop Concert Series.
4. The Outdoors – hiking and mountain biking all over the place, including at Sundance Resort.

5. Theaters – find live theater and musicals at Sundance, SCERA Center for the Arts and Covey Center for the Arts.

6. Unique things to do in Utah Valley – tour a llama farm or even rent one!
7. What’s New in Utah Valley – find a silent dance party at Quiet Riot where everyone dances to their own music on headphones.
8. Accommodations – besides hotels, bed and breakfasts, mountain cabins and resort spots, you can even rent a tree house!


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