RFH May 5 – Let’s Go Glamping!

Check us out on X96 Radio From Hell on Friday morning, May 5, and hear about great places to go “Glamping.” It’s everything you love about camping but with a hot shower thrown in! We’ll also be giving away a free night at Conestoga Ranch by Bear Lake! Click on the links to check out […]

Summer Glamp

Camping is really fun—until it’s not. Sleeping out under the stars is glorious—until you wake up with a sore back. Connecting with nature is wondrous—until you realize you and your partner both smell like a toxic combination of sweat, dirt and campfire smoke, and you’d gladly trade all of your outdoor equipment for one hot […]

Get in shape or be pampered on your next getaway

Travel in the 21st century keeps changing, and vacationers have more and more options to make their getaways exactly what they want. And now, two new travel trends — fitness-focused vacations and glamping — are taking place in the mountains just outside of Parowan with the opening of Summit Mountain Lodge Resorts in June. [Read […]