Destination of the Week: Quebec City’s Old World Charm

Join the Travel Brigade Radio Show in beautiful and charming Quebec City as we walk down centuries-old cobblestone streets while listening to the locals speak French. Head up to the Old City to enjoy the views from the famed Chateau Frontenac Hotel looking down on the St. Lawrence River.  See Beluga, humpback and blue whales at some of the best whale watching in the waters in North America in Tadoussac. Learn about the traditional “Changing of the Guard” at the Citadelle and the amazing history of the Plains of Abraham. Trace back through time at Grosse Ile, Canada’s Ellis Island.  Learn all about Quebec’s restaurants and activities in this city full of Old World charm. Learn more about performances by Cirque du Soleil, music festivals and gigantic projection show called the “Image Mill.” As always, we’ll have “Hot Topics in Travel” and “He Said, She Said.” [Read more]

For contact information for our guests and places we talk about on the show [click here].

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